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But in 1638 Richelieu, desperate for money to carry on the Thirty Year War, defaulted on the government's bonds.

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Pascal had two sisters, the younger Jacqueline and the elder Gilberte.

 In 1631, after the death of his wife, Étienne Pascal moved with his children to Paris.

Moving towards his education, there is not any information regarding his educational background. Later in 2006, he replaced Phil Cobrea as This Providence’s bass guitarist.

As Phil left the band, David began to serve as the bass player of the band.

One day, however, Étienne found Blaise (now twelve) writing an independent proof that the sum of the angles of a triangle is equal to two right angles with a piece of coal on a wall.

From then on, the boy was allowed to study Euclid; perhaps more importantly, he was allowed to sit in as a silent on-looker at the gatherings of some of the greatest mathematicians and scientists in Europe-such as Roberval, Desargues, Mydorge, Gassendi, and Descartes-in the monastic cell of Père Mersenne.

Furthermore, he was also the part of their hit single, .

Being a guitarist, he earns a decent amount of money from his profession. As of now, he has not won any awards in his career.

Currently, David and Katelyn are enjoying their married life and living elegantly.

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